Income Tax in India Explained: A Detailed Guide for Individuals and Businesses

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Understanding Income Tax

Income tax is an annual levy by the Indian government on income earned by residents during a financial year (April 1 – March 31). This revenue supports public infrastructure, social programs, and development initiatives.

Types of Taxes in India

Direct Taxes: Levied directly on income, including income tax and corporate tax.

Indirect Taxes: Levied on goods and services, such as GST (Goods and Services Tax) and VAT (Value Added Tax).

Who Should Pay Income Tax?

The obligation to pay income tax depends on your age and income level:

Individuals below 60 years: Must pay if their annual income exceeds Rs. 2.5 lakhs.
Senior Citizens (60-80 years): Must pay if their annual income exceeds Rs. 3 lakhs.
Super Senior Citizens (above 80 years): Must pay if their annual income exceeds Rs. 5 lakhs.
Entities: This includes companies, businesses, Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs), and Association of Persons (AOPs).

Types of Income Taxable

The Income Tax Department classifies income into five categories:

Salary Income: Earnings from employment, including salaries and pensions.
House Property Income: Rental income from residential properties.
Business or Profession Income: Profits earned from business activities or professional services.
Capital Gains Income: Profits from selling capital assets like stocks or real estate.
Other Sources Income: Earnings such as interest from savings accounts or lottery winnings.

Income Tax Slab Rates (FY 2023-24)

New Tax Regime

Income RangeTax Rate
Up to Rs. 3 lakhNil
Rs. 3 lakh – Rs. 6 lakh5%
Rs. 6 lakh – Rs. 9 lakh10%
Rs. 9 lakh – Rs. 12 lakh15%
Rs. 12 lakh – Rs. 15 lakh20%
Above Rs. 15 lakh30%

Old Tax Regime (Below 60 years)

Income RangeTax Rate
Up to Rs. 2.5 lakhNil
Rs. 2.5 lakh – Rs. 5 lakh5%
Rs. 5 lakh – Rs. 10 lakh20% of amount exceeding Rs. 5 lakh
Above Rs. 10 lakh30% of amount exceeding Rs. 10 lakh
Note: An additional cess of 4% applies to all slabs.

Senior and Super Senior Citizen Tax Rates

Income RangeRates (60-80 years)Rates (above 80 years)
Up to Rs. 3 lakhNilNil
Rs. 3 lakh – Rs. 5 lakh10%Nil
Rs. 5 lakh – Rs. 10 lakh20%10%
Above Rs. 10 lakh30%20%
Advance Tax

Advance tax allows you to pay your tax liability in installments throughout the year. Here are the deadlines:

Due DateAdvance Tax Payable
June 1515%
September 1545%
December 1575%
March 15100%
Income Tax Return (ITR) Filing

Steps to File ITR Online:

Gather Documents: Collect Form 16 from your employer and proof of investments.
Download Software: Obtain IT preparation software from the Income Tax Department website.
Compute Tax: Calculate your tax payable and any applicable refunds.
File Return: Log on to the Income Tax e-filing portal and complete the filing process.

Demystifying Your Income Tax Deadlines: A 2024 Calendar

This table provides a clear and concise overview of key income tax deadlines for individuals and businesses in India for the financial year 2023-24 (Assessment Year 2024-25). Remember, these are general deadlines, and specific situations may require earlier action.

DateTaskWho It Applies ToDescription
15 March 2024Fourth Instalment of Advance TaxTaxpayers with estimated tax liabilityThis is the final instalment of advance tax for FY 2023-24. Pay any remaining tax liability to avoid interest charges.
(Flexible)Submission of Investment ProofIndividuals claiming deductions under Section 80C and other sectionsWhile there’s no fixed deadline, submit investment proofs (like receipts for ELSS, PPF contributions) before filing your ITR to claim deductions.
15 June 2024First Installment of Advance TaxIndividuals and businesses with estimated tax liability for FY 2024-25Start paying your advance tax for the new financial year to avoid penalties.
31 July 2024ITR Filing for Individuals (No Audit Required)Individuals with income from salaries, pensions, one house property, and other sources (ITR-1, ITR-2)This is the standard deadline for most individual taxpayers to file their income tax returns.
15 Sept 2024Second Installment of Advance TaxIndividuals and businesses with estimated tax liability for FY 2024-25Pay your second installment of advance tax for the current financial year.
30 Sept 2024Submission of Audit Report (Tax Audit Required)Businesses and individuals with mandatory tax auditsIf your tax audit is complete, submit the report to the Income Tax Department by this date.
31 Oct 2024ITR Filing for Businesses Requiring AuditBusinesses and individuals with mandatory tax auditsBusinesses that underwent a tax audit need to file their ITRs by this extended deadline.
30 Nov 2024ITR Filing for Businesses with Transfer Pricing ReportBusinesses with international transactions exceeding specified limitsIf your business requires a Transfer Pricing (TP) report, file your ITR by this specific deadline.
15 Dec 2024Third Installment of Advance TaxIndividuals and businesses with estimated tax liability for FY 2024-25Pay your third installment of advance tax to ensure you’ve met your tax liability for the current financial year so far.
31 Dec 2024Revised/Belated ITR FilingAll taxpayersMissed the original deadline? You can still file a revised or belated ITR by this date, but late filing fees may apply.
The Income Tax Department, under the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT), is responsible for direct tax collection and enforcement. The department’s operations include tax collection, policy planning, and detecting tax avoidance.

Income Tax Refund

Think you paid more taxes than you owe? You might be due a refund! The Income Tax Department website lets you easily check if you’re getting money back.” Income Tax Department website.

Tax-Saving Investments

Several investment options can help reduce taxable income:

Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS): Tax deduction under Section 80C.
Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIP): Market-linked insurance schemes with tax benefits.
Life and Health Insurance: Premiums are deductible under Section 80C.
Education Loan: Interest paid is deductible under Section 80E.
Home Loans: Deduction up to Rs. 1.5 lakh for financial year.

Other Tax-Saving Instruments

Fixed Deposits (FD): Lock-in period of five years qualifies for tax deductions.
National Saving Certificate (NSC): Safe investment with a 5-10 year lock-in period.
Provident Fund (PF): Contributions to PF accounts reduce taxable income.

Income Tax Deductions

Various sections of the Income Tax Act provide for deductions:

Section 80C: Investments and expenses up to Rs. 1.5 lakh.
Section 80D: Health insurance premiums.
Section 80E: Interest on education loans.
Section 80TTA: Interest from savings accounts, up to Rs. 10,000.
Section 24: Interest on housing loans, up to Rs. 2 lakh.

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